Get the 19 ESSENTIAL Elements to a HOT OFFER

PLUS "Key Ideas to Make Your Offer Hot" Video Series

Would you love to have an offer priced at $2k, $5k, $10k or more that people can't wait to buy even now? 

If ideal clients are slipping through your fingers, it's not because they don't have money. You are missing one of the 19 essential elements to creating a clear, compelling high end offer.  

Whether you're selling online, on stage or on zoom, this brand new Hot Offer Checklist is for you!

Jennifer Diepstraten helps the most successful coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs to craft and sell extremely desirable offers. Jennifer has 20 years’ experience in sales, relationship coaching, and communication studies so she understands what it really takes to inspire people to take decisive action.

As a result of her expertise, she’s sold over $14 million with her sales conversion system in biotech, medical diagnostics, and personal development coaching, as well as has created a million dollar, heart-centered company as the Founder & CEO of High Ticket Sales Success. Jennifer is a proud mom of sons ages 21, 12, and 8, and has recently moved to the mountains of southern Idaho. 

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